Ending the blame game: Driving cultural change in a crisis to empower staff


In a high-risk industry such as healthcare, small, accidental errors can usually have significant consequences - affecting the safety of both patients and staff. It’s no secret that a blame culture is prevalent across the sector due to years of focusing on individual failings rather than underlying systemic and organisational faults.

As NHS workers continue to go above and beyond to protect patients throughout the covid-19 crisis, leaders need to take steps to build an environment that demands fairness, openness and honesty; where staff feel confident and comfortable to speak up when things go wrong so that similar errors can be prevented, rather than fearing undue recrimination or reprisal for speaking out. 

How can leaders and managers invest personally and emotionally in the workplace culture to influence change and improve care during these extreme circumstances? 

What can you do to ensure you are working in the same reality as that of your teams? Understand the value of having leadership at all levels to drive change from the ground-up and remove barriers between ‘us and them.’

Join this webinar to find out what support mechanisms you can put in place to create an empowering environment for staff to meet the unique challenges presented by covid-19.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Matthew Asbrey, Head of Culture, Homerton University Hospital NHS FT
  • Thea Stein, Chief Executive, Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust
  • Dr Jenny Vaughn, Vice-Chair and ‘Learn Not Blame’ Lead, The Doctor’s Association UK

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