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The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the NHS and social care, presenting both unique challenges and positive transformation opportunities for the workforce.

The NHS will not go back to ‘business as usual’ and as plans intensify to prepare the workforce for long-term recovery and reset, it is vital to address key issues, innovations and collaborations that need to be prioritised to support the workforce through the phased transition to a post-COVID-19 environment.

The 2ndHSJ Workforce Forum is an invite-only strategic event that gathers national policy makers and NHS stakeholders to debate and input into forthcoming strategies which will frame early system thinking and tackle challenges to enable the sustainable transformation of the NHS and social care sector.

Key themes include:

  • Making diversity and equality the golden thread that runs through the NHS
  • Building a truly just and restorative culture for staff and patients  
  • Building a flexible and dynamic workforce to enhance partnership working and resilience
  • Creating an effective mental health recovery plan to fulfil the NHS’s duty of care towards its staff
  • Exploring leadership behaviours in the NHS for the next phase of recovery: Lessons from COVID-19
  • A single system approach to reforming social care and achieving enhanced integration across services



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