Raffaela Goodby

Industry expert

Raffaela  Goodby

Raffaela Goodby

Director of People and Organisation Development, Sandwell & Birmingham NHS Trust

Raffaela has a blend of Public Sector People experience having worked across both local government and NHS HR for the past 15 years. She has a passion for improving the working lives of colleagues, with a focus on health and well being and positive mental health. Raffaela was a founder member of the Engage for Success Practitioner movement, now led by CIPD and leads a service of 170 people in Sandwell and West Birmingham, with a daily focus on ensuring the People Services drive a positive culture, which in turn, improves patient experience. During her short time at SWB Raffaela has reduced nursing turnover by 3%, halving vacancies in the past 12 months. She likes singing, crystals and smiling.

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